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There's A Reason People Pay $20,000 Per Day For These Secrets...
"How To Maximize Your Offer's Value & Force Your Dream Buyers To Flock To You Like Crazy..."
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"The 2 Secret Weapons That Allow You To 2-5x Your Revenue WithOUT Spending Tons Of Money Or Major Changes..."
From the desk of legendary copywriter, Dana Derricks:
"I'm Exposing EXACTLY How I Built A Thriving $140,849 Copywriting Business, As A 24-Year-Old Senior In College...WithOUT Spending Tons Of Money, Having Demanding Clients, Or Doing Anything Crazy"
...and have since grown it to millions!

Dear Legend-To-Be Copywriter/Business Owner,

I'm going to get straight to the point.  

You're amazing.  

You're one heck of a business owner and, at least, "on the side" copywriter.  

Not just that, you're a hard worker.  

If you weren't, you wouldn't be reading this.   

I have to explain something to you.

I know something about you. Something deep down, inside of you. 

I know that you're worth more than what you're currently getting. 

I know that you know, too. 


I also know the frustrations that you go through. 

Over-paying people who promise to solve that problem, to be disappointed and kicking yourself for not trusting your gut...

Loading up your plate with way more than you should because you know it's just not going to get done right if you don't do it...

Finding yourself taking two steps forward, but then one step back because there's always a new fire that seems to come at the exact wrong time...

I've been there.

It took me twelve years to get to where I'm at. 

I worked SO hard to get here, it's crazy. 

I can remember being in college and having a dream of being a copywriter. Not just a copywriter, but a well-paid one so that I could take care of my family and live the lifestyle I had always wanted. 

I remember having a night class, that was five hours long, and heading home after. 

I was starving and hadn't eaten a thing. 

I headed to Taco Bell and placed my order. 

When they ran my card for $6.11, it came back declined. 

Hardly able to breathe, I quickly shuffled into my wallet to see if I had another card to run...

Knowing all the rest were maxed out, I took the lesser of the two evils and told a lie.

"Hmmm, something must be wrong because there's obviously more than six dollars on that card", I explained as I shook my head, grabbed my card, and walked out the door. 

That was the exact moment I knew my life needed to change.

I felt like a complete, absolute failure. 

I was so embarrassed.

I was terrified I'd let my family down.

That's when everything changed.

I went to work.

I REALLY dove in. 

No more "kinda do it on the side" stuff.


I'm going to do this the RIGHT way. 

I'm going to work with ONLY the right clients, with deep pockets.

I'm going to blow them away with value.

I'm going to make more money than I thought possible, without slaving away. 

I've tried going through courses and all sorts of stuff that flat-out didn't work.

So I put in the work. 

I worked, and I worked.

And I did it. 

I was making a CEO salary by the end of the year. 

In 12 months, I went from getting my card declined at Taco Bell for a $6.11 order, to making over $140,849. 

Pretty big turnaround, huh? 

But...I worked DARN hard for that money.

Like, 60 hour weeks, every single week. No vacations.

Straight hustle. 

Fast forward about a decade, and I'm making way MORE money with way LESS time invested. 


Better clients.

Way, way better clients.

AND, a system to find more clients...basically at-will.

It's like having a machine that you can turn on and off any time you need more work.

Wouldn't that be pretty sweet to have? 

Here's why that's so important...

I was sick of producing fantastic work, yet having bad clients (who were impossible to please) who didn't appreciate me. 

I was tired of working hours on end on my own campaigns, getting super excited to launch them, and then being terribly disappointed when they totally bombed. 

I also was over the frustration of having to constantly chase the next project. 

So I did something about it.

I figured it out.

Now, I have a system in place that I can literally push "go" and pump out new, high-ticket clients who are AMAZING to work with. 

Best of all? 

I pick and choose the projects.

I only work with the clients I want to, and it's the greatest feeling on earth. 

Making MORE money doing LESS work has changed my life.

Makes sense, doesn't it? 


Like any good story, I'm having a problem.


Like, WAY too many.

I'm not talking regular leads.

I'm talking folks who are begging to toss me $10k+ to work with them.

But, I'm not doing it. 

And I'm not creating an agency, that's not something I'm passionate about.

What I AM passionate about is helping others live the lifestyle I have.

THAT is what gets me out of bed. 

...and my goats, those guys give me no choice but to get out of bed to feed them. 

But seriously, instead, I'm going to create the world's best copywriters. 

I'm going to expose everything they need to know to produce world-class services to major clients with deep, deep pockets.

I'm not going to teach why copywriting is important.

No, you already know it. 

I'm exposing my system to finding an endless supply of dream clients, positioning yourself to them so you can charge outrageous fees (and they'll LOVE paying you), and you can take control of your business.

It doesn't matter if you're a business owner looking to squeeze that money sponge some more, like Chris Barnett from Boise...who owns a gym and said he'd make his money back by the first email he sent on his plane ride home from the Copywriting Retreat™...

...and Bob Carr from Baltimore who owns a landscaping company that did $150,000+ by sending out one email and a facebook post on a new promotion he got the idea of from the Copywriting Retreat™.

OR if you're a freelancer or entrepreneur looking to monetize the #1 skill on the planet, to create your own thriving business or simply bring home the money you've always wanted...

The Copywriting Retreat™ is your answer. 
Here's How You KNOW This Is Legit: You'll Leave With 100% Confidence This Was Worth Your Trip & Money...
...Or We'll Make It Absolutely Right
When's the last time you heard an event give you THAT kind of confidence? 

I really don't need to persuade you on this.

Deep down, you know it's right.

If I would have had an invite me to this, twelve years ago...

...I would have done ANYTHING to go. 


That would have saved me over a decade of hard work and learning.

Good news, I'm handing it to you.

You're going to become the person you've dreamt of. 

For your friends.

For your family.

And for you. 

But, you can't get there on your own.

I tried that. 

That's a 12 year sentence.

You don't have 12 years lying around, do you? 

You're covered by a 100% guarantee, so you literally can't lose. 

There isn't another person on the planet who knows what it's like to sit in your position.

I've been there.

I've done it.

I'm on the other side, and it's amazing. 

But, you can't wait.

I have only 45 total spots and 6 are already taken.

Once they're gone, they're gone forever. 

I need you to take 3 minutes, right now, and click the button to reserve your spot.

It's going to change everything for you, I know it. 
You Know The Value Of Copywriting...You're Ready To Take Your Skills & Talent To The Next Level. 
This Is What You've Been Missing.
I'll Show You Everything At The Retreat...
...Nope, this isn't another one of those "too good to be true" seminars...
You can't make this stuff up... 
Without getting sued, that is. 
That's me, on stage right before:
Robert Kiyosaki.
...and Russell Brunson.
...and Dean Graziosi.
...and Tony Robbins.
...and Daymond John.
...and many more. 
...I've helped my clients make tens of millions in my career. Can't fake that, either. 
This is a FRACTION of the feedback I get, pretty
much daily, from my copywriting clients...
In Case You're Wondering If You Should Come To The Retreat...
"You Absolutely MUST Master This To Work With The Clients Of Your Dreams..."
Claim Your Spot at the Copywriting Retreat to Master Dana's System for Cranking Out Wallet-Grabbing Copy that Literally Prints Money...No Matter Your Niche, Business Type, Or Experience...
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  • 💰💰💰 --> Dana's PRIVATE Copywriting Tools Pulled From His Vault...So You/Your Team Can Consistently Write World-Class Copy FOREVER! (Worth Easily $10,000)  
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  • 💰💰 --> "Secret To Converting ICE COLD Traffic" Blueprint! (Literally Priceless)...that'll keep you from ever scratching your head as to how to get folks to do exactly what you want them to. 
  • 💰💰 --> "The ONLY Way To Write WORLD-CLASS Copy" Checklist! (Alone Worth $500)...that forces you to craft world-class copy, even if you're not a world-class copywriter. 
  • 💰💰 --> Signed Copy Of Dana's $400 Book, "Conversion Secrets" From His Private Vault ($400 Value)...that's the foundation to this whole thing, and will serve as your copywriting compass. 
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Total Value: $30,941 

...don't worry, you don't have to pay NEAR that.


Just one little teeny payment of only $497 for ALL that freaking value.

I can't believe I'm doing that. 

Trying to get your copy done withOUT this stuff ^^ is like a carpenter without tools. 

Yeah, you could probably get some stuff done, but, I don't know about you...I wouldn't want to buy a house that was built without the right tools. 

By coming to the Copywriting Retreat, I'll help you say NO to...

> Writing copy withOUT a strategic plan behind it

> Listening to people who DON'T actually do what they sell you

> The thought of NOT being able to crank out world-class copy quickly and efficiently...even if you HATE writing...

> The 'I just wasn't born as a good writer' excuse, for GOOD

> much more


We're going to take back control at the Copywriting Retreat.

Just like I did that day I brought in $206,314 in a single day. 

Yep, life-changing stuff.

Long story short...

I only have 45 total spots at my office and I want this to be SMALL ON maximize your value.
If you simply walk out of the retreat with the ability to close 10% more's worth it.

Spots go fast, for obvious reasons...

What this is NOT:

> Some "info fest' where you'll come and drink from a fire-hose...leaving overwhelmed with zero actual tangible things to implement and get an ROI

> 'Amateur hour' where you'll revisit stuff you already know...only unique-and-practical copy strategies that you'll 'press go' on

> A giant event with hundreds or thousands of people and you'll get no one-on-one time or attention

> An event for only mega-millionaires or famous people...we love everybody and you'll fit right in, this is literally made for you

Where & When??
At my private office November 22, 2019 (a few weeks out), where I’m exposing literally a decade's worth of insider secrets, cold-hard-truths, and press-go resources that I personally use to crank out copy that converts like a wild goat. 

Not a bad ROI on that, right?

...You’re getting it straight from the G.O.A.T.’s mouth, an extremely rare opportunity to hang out with one of the premier copywriters on the planet.

Considering bringing this copywriting FIRE to just ONE of your campaigns is worth, easily, thousands/tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars, over time...the ROI is ridiculous.
Here's Why They Buy From Dana
(All Thanks To His Copywriting)...
Why Will YOU Buy From Dana & Join Us??
Check Out What Others Are Saying...
Why Will YOU Come To The Closed-Door Copywriting Retreat??
"I Wanna Talk About How Amazing This Guy & His Stuff Is..."
"I Don't Remember Ever Reading A Book From Cover To Cover..."
"You Got Me Hooked On Actually Using The Dream 100 In My Business..."
"Every Time I Look At Goats I See Dana"
This Isn't A Normal Live Event, You're Getting $20,551 In Bonuses...For FREE!
I get it. 

There are a million different options out there.

Relying on others to get your copy done...

Trying to do everything on your own and piece together different tools and programs...

Simply not having a system to get your copy done which means it's not getting done...

None of those have worked, have they? 

I learned a valuable lesson from my grandfather at a young age. 

I was dragging my feet about something and he said, quite eloquently, "Dana, sometimes in life you need to either crap, or get off the pot."

With that, I ask you to either press the "X" button on this page, if you're not completely convinced this is an opportunity worth exploring.

Or, click the button to grab your ticket before it's too late. 

I'm not leaving this open forever. Once the spots are full, they're full. 

My office in the farmlands of Wisconsin can't hold everybody. 

This is your one and only chance.

One of my favorite stories from my favorite college football coach went something like this...

For thousands of years, men and women have had windows of opportunity come and  go. 

They come, they're there, and then slam shut quick.

It may take another thousand years, or more, before an opportunity like that will come again. 

Keep that in mind as you make your decision to take the 3 minutes to grab your ticket and figure the rest out, or click the "X" button.

The window is closing. You're either in, or you're out.

The decisions is yours.

Twelve years. 

Or 1 day. 

Oh, yeah...

Can you do me a favor for a second?

I want you to take note of something...

Actually, two things.

1) I'm inside your head right now, and what I've done throughout this precisely what you'll be able to do to get inside the minds of your readers, leading them to make the correct decisions. 

2) Take a deep breath, and focus on how much better you feel having found me, this retreat, and the fact that you're about to be able to make that serious impact in EVERYTHING you do, from now on. 

Cool, huh? 
Here's What To Do Next
Like I mentioned before, this retreat is packed with $20,551 in bonuses...for FREE. All I ask is that you claim your ticket right now, because they absolutely will sell out!

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

There Is No Catch!
I've had a lot of success....

...and I HATE seeing people struggle. 

I'm sure you can relate, can't you? 

So, I'm giving you access to my Copywriting Retreat™ and all my own tools for a fraction of the cost they're actually worth. 

It's time for YOU to get the answers you need, once and for you can put an end to the uncertainty and unnecessary expense copywriting has become for you.  
This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Spot For The Copywriting Retreat™ Before They're All Gone...
Dana "This Copywriting Retreat™ Is Your Answer" Derricks
P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm Giving Away $20,551 Worth Of Bonuses Along With Your Ticket To The Copywriting Retreat™, For FREE...  

I want to change your life and get you to my private office for a fraction of the cost others pay to sit in the same exact chair...for two reasons:

1) I truly and sincerely want to change your life. You'll see by 11am on the first day. 

2) I have a bigger mission to "fix" copywriting and create an "army" of copywriters whom are actually skilled, to clean up an industry plagued with "wannabes".  

So, Click the button to claim your spot before it's too late and the event is sold out. 
P.P.S. Grab your ticket right now, and figure out the rest. As I write this, there are only 39 spots left, and I have a combined mailing list and social media following of nearly 150,000. You can do the math on that one. I really, honestly and wholeheartedly want you to know just how valuable this is. This is me going back a decade and grabbing you by the shoulder, letting you know there's a MUCH better way, and taking you on that path. I'm like that teacher you had back in the day that told you what you didn't want to hear at the time, but now you can look back and are so grateful they did what they did. Right? I wish like heck somebody would have done that for me, but hindsight is a powerful thing. Please don't pass up on this because you're "unsure" or you think "you'll figure it out". Those are sure ways to head toward undervalue and, eventually, burnout. I know, I've been there. 

P.P.P.S. Last one. There's a freaking guarantee. If you don't leave feeling like you absolutely got your ROI, we'll make it right. 
*Since this retreat is a live event, and because a few goat-hating jerks ruined it for the rest of us, there are unfortunately no refunds or ticket transfers. There is, however, a satisfaction guarantee in which we're more than happy to make sure you feel completely satisfied with your experience and that your trip is more than worth while. Full refund policy here.  
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